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My Background

My name is Bailey Wickett. I am an up coming forensics scientist or detective. I haven’t quiet chose which path I want to pursue but it is definitely one of these. I was born in Escondido, California, where I lived a majority of my life until about 6 years ago I moved to Dallas, Texas to be closer to my husband and finish my schooling as well at a great school in Texas. I earned my associates degree at Bacone College we’re I also played soccer for my first two years of school. I then moved fo San Marcos, Tx were I was supposed to be in school and working but I got extremely ill and I spent 6 months trying to recover. I was by myself, as my family was still in California and Dallas. My Husband drove down to help me pack and move up to Dallas with him, so he could take care of me. After a long road to recover, I got back on my feet and started back up in school and working. I am currently at the Univeristy of North Texas- Dallas location where I will finish my last year of school and be on to pursue my dream. I am also a supervisor at UPS, I have been there for almost 2 years and want to continue to go up in management while finishing school and then all my focus is on my career. I am currently looking for internships in the police departments near me or local hospitals, so I can deep my toes in the water to get ahead and be on top of my game when I am able to fully commit to my carrier after school. My ultimate goal is to have a steady career and being able to enjoy my job everyday. I want to be able to provide a great life for my husband, kids and family. Be able to be the first one to graduate in my family, is something I am most proud of and am extremely excited fo complete.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I would love to get to know more about you all as well. 

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Work Experience

Background & Expertise




I worked as a waitress for my first job ever. I was there for about 2 years and when I would go home for the summer I worked 2 jobs and being a waitress at ihop was one of them. I came across so many different types of people. It really helped me with my communication skills, and patience. 


HEB Warehouse-dock worker 

This job was my all time favorite job ever. I unloaded 18 wheeler trucks and I had to read the charts to make sure they were in the correct pallets and portioned correctly. If not we had to downstack and rearrange them. We processed all items and food that is sold in HEB all over the world. 

2020- Present 


I run a whole area (pd) inside of the UPS package center that delivers and process packages to be able to get them delivered on time and to the correct house. I make sure my area stays running along with making sure thousands of packages are going into the correct trailer. Updating, writing seals and taking care of my employees Saftey. 

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Educational Background

What I’ve Learned


San Pasqual High school 

I went to high school in California, a town called Escondido. I graded with a 3.63 I was in AP classes along with playing sports as well. I was a trainer when it was off season. 


Bacone College 

I spent my first 2 years of college here, I was on a scholarship for soccer while maintaining a 3.83. This school is in Muskogee, Oklahoma. They ended up shutting down the school, that is why everyone had left. 


University of North Texas-Dallas

I have been attending untd since 2020. I plan on finishing my schooling here and graduating with my bachelors in Criminal justice. I have a 4.00 right now which I plan to maintain until I graduate. 

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My Skill Set

Good communication 

A Valuable Skill


Above and Beyond

Problem solving 

A Valuable Skill

Team work 

Above and Beyond


Raising the Bar

Attention to detail 

A Valuable Skill

Hard working 

Raising the Bar


A Valuable Skill

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“Live everyday like it is your last” 

Ray Charles 


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My Latest Hobby

Arts and crafts 

Favorite Pastime


True Self-Fulfillment

Anything outdoors 

My true Self 

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